‘Man’s mind, once stretched by a new idea,

never regains its original dimensions.’

–Oliver Wendell Holmes


Get excited and comfortable at home while learning preschool and kindergarten fundamentals! Students will practice identifying letters and their sounds, familiarize themselves in blending sounds together to form words. They will also grow in their ability to read sight words and understand them. Students will also learn counting and skip counting numbers, review shapes and colors. In each class, we also grow knowledge about many different kinds of animals as they will be featured and incorporated within the lesson. We will learn basic facts and share fun things about each featured animal. Students will also get to know different countries and cultures, as well as learn important life skills. We cover so many learning concepts in the most fun and loving ways.

Activities/Concepts that will be covered each week, but not limited to, are:

-Letter sounds/Blends/Sight words

-Counting/Writing numbers



-Nursery Rhymes/Fingerplays

-Life Skills/ Social Skills

-Countries Around the World

Students will learn the fundamentals of preschool and kindergarten that will get them excited for the next steps in learning.

Students will have the ability to learn letter sounds and blend them to form words.

Students will be given an opportunity to express themselves and share ideas through class participation.

Students will have the ability to learn sight words which are helpful in reading comprehension.

Students will have an appreciation of the beautiful animals and the world we live in.

Students will enjoy learning math concepts.

Students will understand and exercise character values.

Students will know basic skills, like taking care of their bodies and health.

Our ultimate goal is to provide a fun and wholesome education to all our young learners. Our small class-sizes will help students get the support they need while learning

We believe in this quote:

"Education is a once in a lifetime opportunity to open children’s hearts and minds to the unbelievable wonder of the universe.”– Sir Anthony Seldon.

That's why we take learning seriously with a sprinkle of fun!

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Free Spanish Lessons

We cannot overemphasize the benefits of learning another language at a young age. Not only is it exciting and beneficial, it is also a gift to your child.

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Free Music Lessons

"He who sings frightens away his ills.", according to Miguel de Cervantes. We believe it so. Children love music. We incorporate music in our lessons so each learner in our preschool has the opportunity to learn and enjoy music. They will learn solfege and solfege signs which will help them understand and love music more.

Our preschool membership does not only come with FREE Spanish lessons but also music lessons. Yes, it's FREE, too! Want to know more? Click the button below to be taken to our preschool website.

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