online learning

Why learn with Bee Inspired Learning Academy?

Bee Inspired Learning Academy offers a variety of learning options from preschool to enrichment classes in language, music, and arts. Our online programs take learning to your homes or wherever you are in the world. Our curricula are designed for young learners and school-aged students.

Small-sized Classes

Classes have a max of 6 students to give each learner the attention and support they need while learning. We strive to provide a learning environment intended to foster a sense of community and encourage interpersonal skills, problem solving, creativity, and goal-setting.

The Whole Child

We support parents who wish to help their children develop not just academic skills but a broader knowledge of the different aspects in life. We focus on the whole child to help them achieve goals for long-term success. We believe that learning is a life-long process, therefore, it has to be taken with intention and care.

Family Support

We collaborate with families to make sure our students thrive. Our programs and printable materials are easy to use for review or practice at home. Whether you are a parent who wants to supplement your child's learning or to simply give your child something to be excited about, we are here for you! Our classes are fun, interactive, and awesome!

Inspired Learning

Our highly engaging curricula and fun teaching style help students to participate and take part in their own learning process. For us, inspired learning is the best kind of education. Our learners make worthwhile and we help them achieve it.

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