Hi, my name is Helen. I develop the enrichment classes and courses here at Bee Inspired Learning Academy based on the goal of helping students grow in their appreciation of the world they live in --- whether it be arts, language, music, science, health, nature, geography, life skills, etc. My degree in education and passion in teaching and learning have aided me to bring traditional and current practices in the classroom. I have varied experiences teaching school-aged children and adults in the Philippines, South Korea, USA. I love cultural diversity and how it makes this world an exciting place to be. Aside from running this online program, I am also an ESL teacher and have taught 5,000+ online classes for the past four years.

As an educator, I aspire to inspire my students to get excited about learning. I love to listen to children and interact with them. Sharing with my students' progress brings me joy. As a lifelong learner, I believe that a well-balanced and wholesome education paves the way for a successful and exciting life.

In my free time I travel with my family, take care of my garden, do crafts, sing songs all day, cook international dishes, eat spicy foods, and learn new things!

Let's learn together! I hope to meet you in class! 😊

Bee Inspired Learning Academy offers specialized and enrichment classes made available to students all over the world. We promote character-building and cultural awareness in our classes.

We hope to enrich each other's lives by drawing inspiring lessons from life: teamwork, leadership, goodness, efficiency, work ethics, communication.

The Inspired Preschool is our preschool online program with a character-based curriculum. We believe that character develops from infancy and is vital in a person's life. We are inspired to be forces of good in this world. Goodness can start from our homes, our families, and our community.

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